Music Management

Consultancy and management services related to decisive determination of the enhanced music theme for a wide range of brands and firms are performed.

Music on Hold: The creation of design service ‘music on hold’ peculiar to firms and brands is carried out.

Live streaming: SDI also provides services of music direction for businesses in a variety of sectors (entertainment and food and baverage, merchandising; fitness centers, shopping malls and hotels and etc.) to bring in aural identity. It provides installations and management of required equipment for airplay with live streaming over the internet.


Beatorq – Schüssel // Play List
  1. Beatorq – Schüssel // Play List
  2. Beatorq – Ritual (Original Mix) // Play List
  3. Beatorq – Dadaism // Play List
  4. Beatorq – All I Ever Wanted // Play List