Music Production

Arrangement: The stage that an auditorial product is made prepared for mixing after the managing of stages of demo, arrangement and recording.

Mixing: The process, carried out by a mixing engineer in which a product is brought to suitable for mastering process within the framework of international standards.

Mastering: The service that after mixing phase, an auditorial project is put into final form by implementing analogue or digital mastering up to your choice

Audio Visual/Soundtrack: Holistic audio designs of all the visual productions (short and full-length films/Animation/Trailer/TV series/Documents/Game/Mobil app) whose video editing and screenplay were finished, are produced by SDI.

Music Direction: The task which provides management of all the stages of creative processes in music production with an advanced sense of audio aesthetic.

Beatorq – All I Ever Wanted
  1. 1. Beatorq – All I Ever Wanted
  2. 2. Beatorq – Dadaism
  3. 3. Beatorq – Ritual (Original Mix)
  4. 4. Beatorq – Schüssel


Beatorq – Schüssel // Play List
  1. Beatorq – Schüssel // Play List
  2. Beatorq – Ritual (Original Mix) // Play List
  3. Beatorq – Dadaism // Play List
  4. Beatorq – All I Ever Wanted // Play List